Yellow Papaya 3

Yellow Papaya 3

These warps are part of the mix-and-match scarf/shorty collection and they all have the same length so that multiple warps can be used within the same project.

Each warp bundle has approximately 2.8m length. This is the length after shrinkage from the dye process. The warps are tied in 3 places: choke ties at both ends and a 4 by 4 threads cross.

The yarn is Nm 12/3 mulberry silk 50% merino 50% and there are 80 ends in each warp. The sett advised by Handwoven Master Yarn Chart is 5-8 threads / cm. I like to work with 7-8 threads per cm in order to show-case the warp.

Price: 19.99 euro / warp bundle

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Is your choice of colours not among the available selection? I am dyeing new batches with new colour schemes regularly, so keep an eye on the website or follow my Instagram page. Feel free to contact me to inquire about new products, or if you wish to place a semi-custom order.

For instructions and tips on how to use the mix-and-match warps, click here.