Creative weaving workshop

Weaving taster workshop

Come weave a piece of fabric with all kinds of yarns in my studio for part of a day, purely to find out if weaving is something for you, to make a gift or just for fun.

When you arrive, a painted warp is already waiting for you on a loom and you can immediately focus on weaving. For the weft you can choose from the different yarns from my range. If you would like to bring your own yarn to use as weft, that is of course also possible. I show you different creative ways of weaving and how to combine them with each other.

Afterwards, you take the cloth home with you. For an additional fee I can make a pillowcase/basket for you (please bring extra fabric for a pillowcase), or hem the piece for use as is. You can also make fringes if desired, they look lovely on a pillowcase or if you want to hang the piece on the wall.

Tea/coffee and biscuits included.

Please book this workshop at least 1 week before the desired date, because the workshop must be prepared in advance. If desired, I have room for two people at the same time, if you want to come with a friend – please book a double workshop at least 2 weeks before the desired date. The prices mentioned below are per person.

Purchase options: half a day weaving €40, extra half day on the same warp €35, hemming €10, sewing pillowcase / basket incl hemming €25.

Book here the workshop you are interested in.