Weave a shawl or table runner

Weave a shawl or table runner

Weave your own scarf, table runner or cushion cover with a painted woollen warp


Number of participants: 5 to 8

Price: € 135,-

Duration: 3 sessions - 19:00 - 21:30


Experience required: No weaving experience is necessary, this workshop is for beginners.

All materials are included: the use of a heddle reed loom and necessary weaving tools, a painted warp and weft yarns. The looms are produced within the EU from locally sourced wood that has been harvested sustainably. All wool used in this workshop comes from sheep in Norway and is spun in Finland. The production process meets the strict EU requirements in the field of production, animal welfare and the environment.

A project is woven of approximately 30 cm wide and a maximum of 3.5 m long. The weaving of several short projects in succession is also possible if desired. On the first evening, the loom is threaded and the weaving begins. On the second evening I show different ways of manipulating the weft to create artistic effects in the fabric. On the last evening, the projects are completed and finishing techniques are also discussed.

The woven projects are taken home afterwards. Renting or buying the loom after the workshop is possible.

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