Wool dyeing workshop

Wool dyeing workshop

Space-dyea beautiful woollenwarpfrom our collection in half a day.
When you arrive, the warp is already waiting for you. The yarnis 100% good quality English wool, Nm 16/2 and suitable for use in the warp. The warp is 3m long and contains 300 threads per bundle (8 threads/cm for plain weave and 10 threads/cm for twill). The dyeis also ready in 3 colours of your choice, which you indicate in advance.

At the end of the workshop your warp will be rinsed but still wet, and will need to dry at home.It is possible to purchase additionallyblack wool of the same quality to use as weft. The black yarncomes in skeinsof 900m in length andone skeinis sufficient as a weft for one warp bundle.

Tea/coffee and biscuits included.

Please book this workshop at least 1 week before the desired date, because the materials need to be prepared in advance.

Purchase options: 1st bundle €39.90, extra warp bundle €24.90, black wool skein €19.90.