Textile design with painted warps

Textile design with painted warps

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Learn in a weekend how to get the most out of a painted warp and achieve a stunning result. The following subjects are addressed:

• Blending warps in the reed – practical setup, useful tools, dressing the loom front to back

• Creating stripes – how to choose the colours of additional warps to bring out the painted warp

• Creating 2-colour gradients – different types of gradients and how to select two colours for a smooth gradient

• Effects obtained with weft thickness and colour

• How to select a weaving pattern that brings out the warp

The warps in our collection are 4 m long. It is therefore preferable to bring your own loom to the workshop, so that you can continue weaving at home. If you do not own (or can borrow) a portable loom, please contact me to discuss the possibility of renting a loom.

Experience pre-required for taking part in the workshop: dressing a loom and basic weaving skills.

The cost of the workshop is € 180,- and it includes 2 painted warps of your choice from our collection, corresponding to a weaving width of 20 -26 cm weaving width, and extra solid coloured warps made by yourself during the course. More painted warps can be purchased to add to your project.

The workshop takes place with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 participants.

Book here the workshop you are interested in.