Paint woollen warps in 4 different ways

Paint woollen warps in 4 different ways

Paint woollen warps in 4 different ways


Participants: 6 to 12

Price: € 350,-

Duration: 4 days - 10.00-17.00


Required experience: Making a warp on a warping frame or warping mill.

Take along for your own protection: latex/vinyl/nitrile gloves, etc., an apron or protective clothing, shoes that can get dirty or shoe covers.

The following workshop materials are included: woollen threads, binding threads, dye, syringes and sponges, foil, buckets, steam oven with baking trays, centrifuge, drying rack.

All wool used in this workshop comes from sheep in Norway and is spun in Finland. The production process meets the strict EU requirements in the field of production, animal welfare and the environment. The dyes are sourced from the UK and have been chosen for their exceptional colour fastness.

During the workshop, you make 4 warps in the desired length and thickness. Together with the other participants, you prepare stock solutions. The warps are then painted one by one according to the appropriate techniques to create the following effects in the warp: soft colour gradient, bands with sharp colour gradient, spots and speckles. Heat setting and rinsing are important steps to ensure the quality of the painted warp.

The painted warps are taken home afterwards (dry or damp).

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