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It brings me immense joy to weave with painted warps, and I wish you the same pleasure.

My painted warps are sold separately, because many weavers are looking for a warp to combine with their own hand-spun threads. They are narrow warps with all the same length, to allow mixing and combining within and between collections. Of course, they can also be combined with plain warps of the same length by mixing them or adding stripes. The Antonia and Aurora collections contain thick wool that is particularly suitable for heddle reed and 4-shaft projects. The Cornelia collection is made with thin wool and is particularly suitable for projects on 8 or more shafts.

However, I made one exception. Because silk is so expensive, the painted silk warps in my shop (the Sericia-, Erionaand Metaxia) are accompanied by silk weft and time-tested weaves of my own design (see https://weefboutique.nl/patterns/) . To avoid the high cost of experimenting with silk, you can create a luxury project without wasting this precious yarn on sample weaving, testing, washing, etc. If after one or more silk projects you decide that silk is something you want to experiment with, you will do so with greater confidence and joy.

See my ebook "Introduction to Painted Warp Weaving" for inspiration; you can download this via https://weefboutique.nl/ebook/.

Weaving patterns

I really enjoy designing weaving patterns. These are unique weaving patterns that I have developed on 4 and 8 shafts to weave with the warp and weft packages that I offer in the Eriona, Sericia and Metaxia collections. They can of course also be purchased separately and used in combination with other yarns.

Weaving looms

I have woven on a wide variety of looms, both traditional and modern. While you can weave on any loom, the way a loom works can sometimes get in the way of creative expression.

For our range I have selected brands that have taken an extra step to make your weaving experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

So that you can fully focus on your creativity.

All looms below will soon be available to try out in our atelier.

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