Kromski rigid heddle looms

These looms are build while keeping portability and ease of use in mind. They are very accessible to beginner weavers, are they are very easy to setup. Children as young as 5 years old can learn to set them up, and children as young as 3 years old can learn to weave on them.

Experienced weavers use them as well, for sampling and for weaving projects when traveling / during holidays, on for quick projects on the side while their bigger loom is occupied by a longer project. Their portability means they can be brought to workshops easily, they can be swiftly hidden under or behind a piece of furniture, and some can even get packed in the hand luggage.

The looms are manufactured in the European Union and the production chain complies with the strict environmental EU regulations.

All these looms and accessories can be ordered. If you are interested in one or more items, please contact us for information or requesting a quota.

Some of the looms can be tested during a workshop. See Workshops for more information.