AVL floor and dobby looms

The AVL looms are modern and efficient, with many options for customizing. There are several highly specialised dobby looms for production weavers, as well as a number of versatile looms for multi-faceted hobby weavers.

The looms are custom-built to accommodate 8-40 shafts, metal or texsolv heddles, various weaving widths, and can be accompanied by an extensive range of accessories. Most parts of the looms and accessories are manufactured in-house, which allows AVL to control the quality of their looms.

All the looms are made in the USA of sustainably sourced Ash hardwood, and the wood shavings are donated to local farmers who use it for composting.

All these looms and accessories can be ordered. If you are interested in one or more items, please contact us for information or requesting a quota.

Some of the looms can be tested during a workshop. See Workshops for more information.