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Weefboutique offers unique, one-of-a-kind products, and workshops.

The hand-woven luxury shawls are warped and woven individually, each with its own combination of fibres and weaving pattern. No two shawls are woven on the same warp. The greatest care is taken in selecting, and where applicable, hand dyeing the yarn used for these shawls.

The hand-painted warps are produced with luxury fibres in a limited edition and dyed with an environmentally-friendly process. You can combine warps from the mix-and-match collection, or order a semi-customised warp.

The workshops are meant to introduce you to the most amazing experience that the textile world can offer you: dyeing yarn to use for a project of your own, or creative weaving with yarns of varying thickness, texture, colour… a tiny glimpse in some of the oldest crafts in the world, with a fresh modern twist.

About me

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About me

I am a pharmacist with a long standing interest in fashion design, whose hobby has gotten out of hand. During my experimenting with textiles, from designing and drawing patterns and sewing garments for myself to the amazing opportunity of creating custom-made wedding gowns, evening and gala dresses, I became increasingly interested in the creative process behind the fabrics themselves. In search for a way to give an industrially produced fabric a hand-made twist, I experimented with layering, embroidering and painting existing fabrics.

Inevitably I was eventually drawn to weaving, as a means to design my own fabric from scratch. A step further from this was hand-dyeing the yarn before weaving. It is a step that takes the weaver beyond the exactness imposed by classic weaving.

There is incredible beauty in this process, which does not only require well-honed skills as both a dyer and a weaver, but it takes the weaver out of their comfort zone to a pool of uncertainty that only dissolves when the project comes off the loom. It is a path that forces the weaver to walk a tight rope: each colour employed in a project lives its own Goldilocks adventure – it must be not too much, not too little, but just the right amount.

I fell in love with this mix of mathematical exactness and pure creativity and I enjoy sharing it with others.